In the world of home ownership, it’s easy to forget about your HVAC. Often we don’t think about it unless it is not working. But if you’re not thinking about it and don’t have a maintenance plan, then it’s only a matter of time until the dust and dirt buildup shut it down.

Thankfully, the simple solution, to increase your unit’s longevity and limit the amount of work it needs during its lifespan, is seasonal tune-ups.

What is an HVAC Tune-Up?

An HVAC Tune-Up (priced at $150 per unit, but as low as $60/unit for Partners) is crucial for the health of your system and features a variety of checks specific to the upcoming season. The goal of every tune-up is to perform preventive maintenance in order to catch any potential issues before they become major problems.

The first tune-up of the year is the Spring Tune-Up, which tests your A/C components. The technician performs routine A/C maintenance tasks to keep the system running smoothly. This includes cleaning the unit, checking refrigerant levels, inspecting components for wear and tear, and ensuring everything about your air conditioner is working efficiently.

While the heating tune-up (or Fall Tune-Up) inspects a unit’s (you guessed it) heating elements, the way your unit creates heat plays a bigger part. In Nashville, residential box units are generally configured to either use a heat pump or gas.

And with the introduction of gas, heating tune-ups warrant a higher-focus on the safety of a unit. These traditional gas units are more at-risk of having safety issues with gas leaks, improper combustion, exhaust, etc. But whether your unit heats via pump or gas, there is great value in a thorough cleaning and inspection.

Parthenon makes remembering your seasonal tune-ups a breeze with the Parthenon Partners VIP Membership Plan. (Details below).

If you’re calling us because your HVAC isn’t working, you’re likely past due for a tune-up and now, your unit needs a service call.

What is an HVAC Service Call?

Parthenon Service Calls (priced at $125) send an HVAC technician to your property to focus on diagnosing and troubleshooting the specific issue causing the problem.

If additional work is needed, the field team is trained to offer the best solutions and straight-forward pricing before any work is performed.

Why Knowing the Difference Matters

So now that you know the difference between an HVAC Tune-Up and an HVAC Service Call, you might be wondering “why does it matter?”

Depending on your service provider, if the proper questions fail to be asked during your call or not all the unit information is relayed to the call center by the customer, you may not receive the level of HVAC support you need.

HVAC Support: Technicians vs. Service Inspectors

If your unit is showing signs of trouble, you’ll want to make sure an HVAC technician is coming to your home as techs are trained to install, repair, and maintain heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. They have a broader skill set and can troubleshoot and fix complex issues with HVAC systems.

Whereas, an HVAC service inspector typically focuses on routine maintenance tasks such as cleaning, filter replacement, and basic inspections to ensure that HVAC systems are running efficiently. They may not have the same level of training or expertise in diagnosing and repairing complex HVAC issues as a technician.

At Parthenon Plumbing Heating & Cooling, we have expert HVAC technicians with broad ranges of skill sets and specialty training. We employ a “Right Tech, Right Call” philosophy to ensure that we dispatch the best possible technician to your home that matches the issue you are experiencing for the best possible outcome.

What is Parthenon Partners?

Parthenon Partners is our VIP home Maintenance Plan that provides residential customers with priority service, two HVAC tune-ups per year, 20% off plumbing or HVAC repairs and 10% off plumbing and HVAC installs. All of this for only $10/month per unit.

Partners never worry about their HVAC units or if their homes are comfortable. Sign up today by calling Parthenon at 615-298-2995 and start enjoying more tune-ups than service calls!