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Residential Heating

In Nashville’s coldest months, it’s important to have a team you can trust. Parthenon Plumbing Heating & Cooling has been heating homes in Nashville since 2008. With a variety of heating systems available to homes in Tennessee, Parthenon provides same-day service for every type. You’ll receive iconic HVAC work that’s battle-ready and built to endure winter’s harshest nights.

Heating Reviews

We lost heat the same night it was 2 below. Cristian Soto came out and quickly diagnosed the problem then informed us the part we needed was on back order. We originally thought it would be about 6 days until the new part arrived. A few hours later they tracked one down and asked if he could come back out to install it. He returned and had the job done and our house on the way to warm again in less than an hour. It was freezing outside and he worked diligently and professionally. Cristian explained the issues clearly and with photos he had taken to show the specifics of what repair was needed. His hustle means we could stay in our home during these dangerously cold nights and likely saved our pipes too. I can’t recommend Parthenon, and specifically Cristian, enough.

– Jonathan G

My furnace stopped working during the recent snow storm. After reaching out to several different companies, Parthenon was able to get a technician to me quickly even with all the snow and bad road conditions. Adam helped fix my furnace, having to replace the motor and alter the piping so they wouldn’t freeze again. He was easy to get in touch with when I kept having heating issues and he helped fix the problems as quickly as possible, I really appreciated all his hard work and communication. I would definitely recommend Parthenon to anyone in the area!

– Cara H.

I have had nothing but positive interactions with Parthenon Plumbing. Each interaction has been a great experience and I never believe I’m being taken advantage of. Great service and looking forward to the continued partnership.
– Corey A.

Parthenon came out on a Sunday and diagnosed what was wrong with my heating system. Cristian was prompt, polite, and professional in efficiently taking care of my HVAC problem. I highly recommend Parthenon.

– Shayne A.

My gas furnace just quit in the middle of the night I woke up with 55° in my home. There were there on time very professional and very nice guys. They are my go to.
– Richard W.

dan arrived promptly–discovered the problem with the furnace and fixed it so my house was warmer than 55-brrr! he was very courteous–would have him back in a heartbeat! THANK YOU PARTHENON

– Diane C.

Friendly, professional service. Great team and communication from dispatch to on site servicing. On site technician was extremely skilled and helpful.

– Beth E.

Great customer service. Staff is very knowledgeable.

– Dale M.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best and easiest thing any homeowner can do is make sure their air filters are changed and clean. Another precaution would be trimming the bushes and limbs surrounding your HVAC unit. This prevents debris from naturally entering the system and causing problems.

Homeowners can also utilize our Parthenon Partners program which includes two seasonal tune-ups for your HVAC (once in the spring and another in the fall), as well as 20% discounts on repairs, priority service and more!

Choosing the best air filter is relative to the homeowner’s desired result: less air particulates or greater unit efficiency.

The best filter to use to maximize efficiency and get the most air to your unit would be the cheapest, thinnest filter you could find. But if you have allergies or sniffles and sneezes, you’re going to want a filter with a higher MERV (minimum efficiency rating value) rating.

The higher the MERV rating, the thicker the filter and better ability to capture smaller particles out of the air. The lower the MERV rating, the thinner the filter and stronger air flow, but at the sacrifice of letting more microparticles circulate in your home.

Parthenon recommends checking your air filters every month. Whether it’s at the time of your electric or gas bill or on Filter Fridays (that’s the first Friday of every month), it’s important to have a monthly reminder to check them.

Most of the time, your air filter is going to be indoors at the air returns (or grills) located in your walls or ceilings. However, some homes may have a filter located in the actual unit.

If you have a filter at your unit, then you’ll want to refrain from using filters in your home, and vice versa, simply to prevent too much restriction of airflow to your unit.

AC tonnage in the heating and cooling industry refers to an HVAC’s ability to cool a home by removing heat. Tonnage depends on how many BTUs (British Thermal Units) your unit absorbs and removes per hour. The tonnage in average residential HVAC units can range from 1.5 tons, at its smallest, to 5 tons.

In its most basic calculation, tonnage is often determined by the square footage of a home. A general rule of thumb is 600 square feet per ton on an average home. However, square footage may only be one half of the qualifying criteria to determine tonnage. If you go by square footage alone, you may risk installing too much and having your unit frequently short-cycle, sacrificing home comfort.

For the most accurate measurement, you’ll want to have a load calculation performed by a licensed HVAC technician. On top of square footage, load calculations take into consideration the volume of the home, insulation efficiency, roof type, home elevation direction and other determining factors.

A load calculation will say how many BTUs you will lose in the winter versus how many BTUs are you going to gain in the summer. And based off those two numbers, an ideal tonnage size is determined.

For an accurate load calculation, contact Parthenon Plumbing Heating & Cooling by calling 615-298-2995.

Dirt caused the most HVAC issues. We often see dirty outdoor coils, dirty indoor coils, dirty filters and dirty drains. Most HVAC issues can be traced back to dirt that was allowed to get dirtier over time until reaching a critical mass and unit failure.

This is why Parthenon recommends two seasonal tune-ups a year: to keep your unit clean and prevent future issues if left untreated. Parthenon Partners is the best way to receive your tune-ups for a fraction of the cost, as well as receiving top priority and discounts on repairs, installs, and plumbing services!

Your unit can range in the noises it makes. Some noises, though unusual, are harmless whiles others are not. For units with a heat pump, defrost mode will often sound different from its normal heat mode. Depending on how much ice there is outside your unit, it can sound anywhere from a flushing toilet, whooshing of pressures, to a low throttling motorcycle. These noises will continue until the defrost is complete.

Noises of concern sound like metal against metal or screeching or grinding. If your unit sounds like that, it’s best to contact a professional as it is likely to indicate something is wrong.

A simple change in a unit’s performance might be the first sign a homeowner will notice, as temperatures in the home fail to keep at normal settings. Other signs to watch out for are unusual screeching sounds, burning smells that linger, and even higher than usual energy bills.

If you’re not sure what type of heating system you have, first consider your home utility bills. If you only have an electric bill, chances are you have a heat pump or straight electric-style unit. If you have a gas bill, it’s possible you could have a furnace, which utilizes fuel consumption to generate heat.

You can also use your home’s thermostat as an indicator. If you see an emergency (or auxiliary) heat setting on your thermostat, chances are likely that you’ve got a heat pump.

If you’re still not sure, a qualified HVAC technician can help you determine the type of system you have.

For Tennessee homes, Parthenon recommends a heat pump system because it is a simpler system with less parts to break, it’s eco-friendly, and it doesn’t require the additional installation of a gas line and vent. Ultimately, it comes down to the homeowner’s comfort preferences.

Some homeowners may not like heat pumps because they have a lower temperature discharge. Gas burns hotter in furnaces, and you can feel the difference at your registers.

The Parthenon Promise

Parthenon promises to deliver respectful customer service, high-caliber expertise, and exceptional work that we’re proud to stand behind.

Customer Service

Parthenon is committed to showing respect in how we interact with you and how we treat your home. We handle every job carefully and give your heating system the same time and attention we would give our own.


With over 40 combined years in the industry as licensed and insured HVAC technicians, Parthenon’s team is skilled and ready to perform exceptional work on your home’s heating and cooling systems.

Exceptional Work

Our customer satisfaction is earned by providing HVAC work that is highly-detailed and built to last, just like Nashville’s iconic Parthenon.

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