The average person spends 90% of their time indoors, so when’s the last time you considered the air quality of your home?

Research shows that 96% of homes have indoor air quality problems. Most may be minor, but some are severe. Considering the 2,900 gallons of air you inhale each day, the quality of the air in your home is nothing to take for granted.

Poor air quality is especially detrimental to people with asthma or allergies. According to the Allergy Asthma & Sinus Center, an estimated 17 million Americans have self-reported asthma. Their symptoms, as well as those who suffer from asthma, worsen when exposed to pollen, dust mites, chemical pollutants, humidity, and pet dander.

So what are some simple steps to improve the air quality around you?

  1. Change Your Air Filters

    Quality air starts with your HVAC system, which is responsible for moving air throughout your home. Air filters catch the particulates in your home such as – dust, mold and fungal spores, pet dander, fabric fibers, etc. This is the first step you can take to improving your air quality. (Read More: Why To Change Your Air Filters)Pro Tip: Don’t limit your thinking to just HVAC filters, but also frequently clean or change the filters in your appliances (vacuum, dryer, microwave, etc.).

  2. Dust Regularly

    Dust buildup in the home is unavoidable. And dust left unchecked is a breeding ground for mold. Therefore, frequently dusting and vacuuming goes a long way towards keeping your home air clean. In addition, removing dust on the front end limits the amount reaching your HVAC air filters.

  3. Open Windows

    According to the EPA, indoor air pollution is often five times worse than outdoor air. Thus, the practice of opening your windows makes for a simple and cost-free solution. Proper ventilation in your home is crucial to getting the fresh air in and the bad air out.

    Pro Tip:
    Use your ceiling fans to help the circulation of the fresh air when your windows are open. But make sure you’ve dusted them first!

  4. Install UV Lights

    While air filters stop larger particles in your air, they don’t stop all the small particles like bacteria, mold, and germs. Adding UV Light in your HVAC creates an extra layer of defense against these microbes living in your air. The UV-C light scrambles the DNA of all the microorganisms that pass by it and prevents them from reproducing.

    Right now, Parthenon Plumbing is offering up to $100 Off the purchase & install of a UV Light in your HVAC. Details here.

  5. Use Air Purifiers

    Another clean air strategy is to purchase an air purifier for your home. Small portable units can be taken from room-to-room, but you can eliminate the eyesore of an extra appliance and increase purification coverage to your whole home by having Parthenon install an air scrubbing air purifier into your HVAC system. In addition these air scrubbers include UV-C light technology to effectively treat 99% of the pollutants found in the air. Parthenon Plumbing is also offering a $100 Off promo on the purchase & install of an UV-C Air Scrubber. Details here.

  6. Use Dehumidifiers

    Both dust mites and mold thrive in humid homes. Portable dehumidifiers are an excellent tool to fight the humidity in your house and keep your air quality high. Dehumidifiers regulate the moisture in a room and should be set to keep the air humidity at 50% and below to stave off mold. Similar to the air purifier, Parthenon can help you install a whole-home dehumidifier for your HVAC.

  7. Miscellaneous Tips

    Finally, here’s a list of other remedies worth considering:

  • Get plants for your home.
  • Use air purifying candles & beeswax candles.
  • Brush your pets often.
  • Reserve smoking to outdoors.
  • Use salt lamps. Bamboo charcoal.
  • Use essential oils.

As you consider all your indoor air solutions, Parthenon Plumbing is happy to help with your home evaluation. Call us at 615-298-2995. And don’t forget to ask us about becoming a Parthenon Partner!

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