Whether the springtime flowers are blooming or the fall leaves are changing in Nashville, both are great reminders for every Tennessee homeowner to schedule a seasonal tune-up for their heating and condensing unit.

Such a simple home maintenance task is a great way to spend a little, preventatively, to save you a lot on repairs. It also buys you time before having to add a new unit to your shopping list.

Truly there are three main reasons every homeowner should plan to schedule a seasonal tune-up.

Photo: Get Your Seasonal HVAC Tune Up Nashville

1. Increase Unit Lifespan & Avoid Costly Repairs

Seasonal tune-ups are a great way to keep an eye on your unit. Regular preventative maintenance helps you detect small things that could cause larger problems down the road. Plus, tune-ups keep your unit from being over-taxed, which should keep it running long after the factory’s life expectancy.

2. Improve Your Home Air Quality

While fresh air filters in the home play a big part in air quality, it truly starts with the unit! A unit that is frequently cleaned and checked ensures that the air being pushed into your home is as clean as it can be!

3. Energy Savings

Did you know that seasonal tune-ups can lower your energy bill. Each tune-up improves your system’s efficiency. Therefore, with your system running at its best, the less energy it uses! An HVAC that receives regular maintenance can save homeowners upwards of $10-$30 per month.

So in summary, season tune-ups improve the air quality of your home and save you money by preventing costly repairs, extending your HVAC’s lifespan, and lowering your energy bill.

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Is there a difference in the spring and fall tune-ups?

In short, yes. AC maintenance and heating maintenance differ in the specific components and tasks involved.

AC maintenance typically includes checking refrigerant levels, cleaning coils, checking and replacing filters, inspecting ductwork, and testing the thermostat.

On the other hand, heating maintenance at fall tune-ups involves tasks such as checking burners, inspecting heat exchangers, cleaning and adjusting the blower motor, and ensuring proper ventilation.

The focus of each maintenance type is to optimize the performance and efficiency of the respective system and the season it serves.

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