As Nashville’s fall season settles in, it’s truly the best time to think about the steps you can take to guard your home against plumbing problems. The winter months ahead create harsh conditions that lead to plumbing nightmares for many homeowners.

It is important to take preemptive measures, detailed below, to protect your household from Parthenon’s following list of the Top 5 Most Spine-Chilling Plumbing Problems.

#5. The Creeping Ceiling Leak

Nashville Plumbing Scary Ceiling Leaks Parthenon Plumbing Heating & Cooling

A site no homeowner ever expects is the image of wet, ballooning drywall above your head that threatens to drip (or worse, burst) onto the room below. And the longer this hidden plumbing issue goes unnoticed, the greater the damage to your home.

This threatening issue requires immediate attention by a professional to identify and remedy the problem.

How To Prevent A Ceiling Leak

To prevent a creeping ceiling leak, Parthenon recommends walking through your low traffic rooms upstairs and running the faucets in guest rooms and checking under the sink and around the toilets and showers for visible leaks.

However, prevention is more difficult when the leak is enclosed by drywall. In these cases, the only way to have complete peace of mind is by installing a whole-home leak detection system. Call Parthenon at 615-298-2995 to learn more about our whole-home leak detection system.

#4. The Cruddy & Clogged Drain

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Next on the list is the unexpected buildup of murky water slowly pooling around your drains. Slow drains indicate a potential clog threatening to disrupt your daily routine.

If the light use of a plunger around the drain still does not allow water to drain, consider using a plastic snake, if you have one handy. Otherwise, you’ll want to have a professional come take care of the clog with the proper tools to avoid damaging your home.

How To Prevent Drain Clogs

Limiting the amount of debris in the water going down your drain goes a long way towards keeping your plumbing in working order. Do this by installing drain guards in your sinks and showers. Avoid disposing of grease down your kitchen sink. Instead, scrape your cooled greasy pans out over a trash can and wipe them down with a paper towel. Clean the remaining grease off in the sink by using hot water: which is the best conditioner for your pipes.

#3. ‘Rusty’ the Old Water Heater

Nashville Plumbing Scary Water Heater Rust Parthenon Plumbing Heating & Cooling

The initial scare of seeing water pooling in the corner of your garage often leads to the larger scare of having to make the unplanned costly purchase of a new water heater. New water heaters range anywhere from $1,750 to $2,100 and if you want to upgrade to tankless, expect around $6,500.

When water heaters get old and go unmaintenanced, over time the hot water and sediment built up can lead to cracks or a rusted-out tank. When a crack occurs, you’ll need to replace your tank. Thankfully, Parthenon has partnered with GoodLeap to provide financing to customers in need.

How To Prevent Water Heater Leaks & Cracks

Parthenon recommends having your water heater maintenanced and flushed annually. This service checks all the common connections where leaks may occur, and the flush clears out the sediment. Not only will it help limit the likelihood of larger issues, but it will help your tank to run more efficiently. If you have an older tank, you may also consider getting a tankless water heater as well, which leak much less often. Read more about the benefits of a tankless water heater.

#2. Underground Pipe Failure

Nashville Plumbing Scary Outdoor Spigot Parthenon Plumbing Heating & Cooling

Underground pipe failure poses three scary scenarios for homeowners. First, there is the inconvenience in your daily routine in the way of low water pressure and/or slow drains. Second, the only solution is a costly repair that requires machinery. And finally, the machinery is used to dig up your yard and lay new pipe: a lingering eye-sore for you and your neighbors.

What Causes Underground Pipe Failure?

Believe it or not, the leading cause of pipe failure are the trees in your yard! If trees are unknowingly planted too close to a sewer line or water line, these roots may naturally come in contact with your pipes and then eventually crack your pipe. And as roots seek water for the tree, one small leak or crack might soon have a cluster of roots invading your pipes.

How To Prevent Pipe Failure

If you plan on planting any new trees in your yard, it is important to have an accurate understanding of where your main water lines and sewer lines are laid. Also, do your research on the type of tree you are planting and how wide its mature root system grows. For a comprehensive post about water lines, read: What You Need to Know About Water and Sewer Line Installation and Repair.

#1. Clogged Toilet

Nashville Plumbing Scary Toilet Parthenon Plumbing Heating & Cooling

The most gruesome plumbing problem on our list happens to also be one of the most common.

Imagine the horror of a toilet that not only doesn’t work but goes the wrong direction! Even after using a household plunger, dealing with a persistent toilet clog that threatens to overflow will cause unnecessary panic and distress to just about anyone.

Beware of Over-Plunging

Now it is possible to use a plunger and get you out of the jamb (or the jamb out of your toilet). However, make sure to use a gentle technique to avoid causing a greater issue. Depending on the location of the clog in your piping, overly aggressive plunger action could blow out your wax ring.

How To Prevent Toilet Clogs

Preventing these unsettling scenarios is sometimes as simple as being mindful of what you flush. Make sure to use only as much paper as you need and avoid flushing anything else down the toilet. Our rule is if the product must tell you on the packaging that it’s flushable: it’s not. It is also good practice to have your toilets checked every year to see if parts need replacement. Typically, common toilet parts are meant to remain effective for 2-3 years.

Contact Parthenon at 615-298-2995

As you process the eerie potential of these plumbing nightmares, remember that timely maintenance is your strongest ally. Always stay one step ahead before issues manifest into full-blown horrors. Need help? Let Parthenon help you keep your home a trouble-free sanctuary.

Embrace the spirit of preparedness, and may your Nashville abode be shielded from any chilling surprises lurking within its pipes. Happy haunting and a safe, plumbing-trouble-free season to you and your home!