Hosting and entertaining family and friends are just one of the many perks to owning a home. And while the experience of owning a home is a fruitful one, it also comes with its share of responsibilities and problems. Due to extreme weather conditions, your home’s HVAC system works hard to keep your loved ones comfortable.

But keeping your HVAC busy also means increasing the possibility of breakdowns and unexpected repair bills. We want to help you avoid these sticky situations so your home festivities are always fun.

Here are four of the most common residential heating and cooling problems that homeowners run into:

Poor Airflow Caused by Dirty Air Filters

Perhaps the airflow in your home isn’t what it used to be. Such events can be the cause of dust and dirt that have clogged up the air filters in your home’s air conditioning system. If you can hear your A/C running but not cooling, it may be time to change that air filter. Replacing your air filters is one of the most important tasks when it comes to your home’s regular maintenance, but it can also be one of the easiest forgotten.

In addition to poor air flow, your HVAC system will have to put in overtime to keep your home comfortable and this unnecessary strain can lead to even bigger problems down the road. Avoid the fuss by including regular maintenance of your HVAC systems and keep those hefty bills astray.

Here’s the good news: filters are relatively inexpensive, easy to find at home improvement stores, and easy to replace. During heavy heating and cooling seasons, plan on replacing the filter every four weeks. If your systems are ‘off’ more than they are ‘on’ (like September-November, for example), then every 8-12 weeks should be sufficient.

Low Refrigerant

During hot summer days, your air conditioning system may be working overtime and you may begin to notice the air conditioning systems isn’t cooling like it once did. If that’s the case, your refrigerant may be low or undercharged. Refrigerants can also begin to leak due to damage and regular wear and tear.

In either case, low or leaky refrigerants can cause your air conditioning system to work harder in order to keep your house cool. Demands such as these eat away electricity and lead to a spike in your electrical bill.

Condenser Coil

AC condenser coils, along with the compressor, are typically located outdoors. As such, condenser coils are exposed to the outdoor elements of ice and rain. Regular maintenance can prevent coils from clogging up with debris, which will prevent further complications. If you notice the coils are covered in dirt and grime, shut off the power and rinse away the dirt and debris with a water hose. Additionally, as temperatures significantly decline, coil can become frozen and susceptible to permanent damage.

Take preventative measures by incorporating regular maintenance by a licensed HVAC technician. Especially dirty or damaged coils should always be cleaned by a trained service technician to avoid physical injury.

Pilot or Ignition Problems

Pilot lights will occasionally go out and can be the result of a number of causes. Take for example, a dirty pilot, malfunctioning flame sensor, or delayed burner. It could also be the result of a gas supply problem or just normal wear and tear.

In any case, it is best to have these problems handled by a trained HVAC service technician as it deals with dangerous components, such as gas and high voltage systems.

Hire a Professional Residential HVAC Technician

As we enter into a colder season, take preventive measures and schedule your home’s regular HVAC system maintenance before it gets too chilly. Habits such as these will keep your A/C and heating systems working well, can save energy, and can prevent you from having to deal with disastrous and inconvenient events.

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