Not that this winter has been all that brutal here (so far), but for those who think that 32 degrees is miserably frigid, are especially sensitive to any hint of a winter’s chill, or who can’t bring themselves to get out of bed on miserably damp days (translation: the entire month of February), then this post is for you!

Sure, the traditional methods are pretty safe bets: you can insulate your home, install an energy efficient HVAC system, invest in routine heating and cooling maintenance, or reprogram your thermostat, but we’ve surveyed our neighbors and scoured the internet to bring you a few delightfully wacky and wonderfully crazy ideas to ward off the chill and best the wet. Enjoy!

Adopt a Cat

Rose the Cat

Need a blanket that purrs? Visit the Humane Association and adopt a cat! Warm your heart and your lap simultaneously. Looking for affordable vaccinations and low-cost spay and neutering? Make a stop at the Pet Community Center.

Head-to-Toe Hot Spots

Hand Warmers

Leave it to the good people at HotHands to keep you warm while you soak up all the Vitamin D that February sun has to offer. These environmentally-friendly, all-natural hand, body, foot, and toe warmers are made from iron powder, water, salt, activated charcoal, and vermiculite. When you stock up on these air-activated wonders you’ll enjoy gentle, portable warming for anywhere from 1 to 20 hours.

Take Your Mind off Your Worries

Spend a few hours volunteering at Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee. While you may not be a fan of the weather, surely you can get behind lending a helping hand to help those in need. Second Harvest is a network of dedicated people, local nonprofit organizations, and corporate partners that work together to fight hunger in our community.

Reuse and Recycle

It’s really pretty amazing what the humble Kroger bag can accomplish. If your boots aren’t as waterproof as they once were or if your kids just can’t keep their feet out of the ever-present winter puddles, then the plastic baggie is your friend. Simply slip this multi-purpose miracle of modern technology over your foot, slip on your shoes, and you’re good to go. Warm and dry!

Get a Bedwarmer


If Ebay is a reliable source, then the going rate for a gorgeous Victorian bed warmer runs anywhere from $20 to $2000. However, if you opt to go old-school, there’s the ever-present (and well-founded) fire hazard concern. Instead, take to Etsy and invest in a hand-knitted hot water bottle cover. Hot water beats hot coals any day!

Far Infrared Therapy Gloves

If your aversion to winter goes above and beyond what most folks consider “normal” and your fingers and toes seize up and turn white at the thought of cold, damp, or stress, then you may have Reynaud’s disease. This miserable condition causes the smaller arteries in your hands and feet to narrow, making it hard for your blood to circulate to the tips of your fingers and toes and to keep them warm. People with Reynaud’s are at a much higher risk for frostbite than those without. Now that’s a pretty strong argument for far infrared therapy gloves.

Amazon’s product description says it all: “The Far Infrared Therapy Raynaud’s Gloves…are therapeutic gloves specially made from far infrared fiber for people who suffer from Raynaud’s disease or Raynaud’s syndrome or arthritis pains. The gloves work by reflecting the body heat in the form of far infrared ray back to the body. The far infrared ray has been shown to increase blood circulation, relieve pain and numbness in hands.”

Get in on the Winter Sales

Bone-chilled bargain hunters of the world unite! Check out the sales on Columbia’s Thermal Reflective Omni-Heat jackets. Omni-Heat jackets are modern marvels of wearable technology that are both breathable and warming. The little silver dots reduce bulk while reflecting and retaining body heat and wicking away moisture. Magic.

If you’re looking for more traditional ways to keep your home warm, schedule an HVAC tune-up with Parthenon Plumbing.