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12 South Plumbing Services

Parthenon Plumbing Heating & Cooling proudly provides plumbing services in 12 South. Founded in 2008, Parthenon quickly established itself as one of Nashville’s premier plumbing companies. Whether you’re seeking routine maintenance or require swift repairs, Parthenon Plumbing is 12 South’s one-call plumbing solution.

Plumbing quietly underpins our daily lives, a silent force only recognized in its absence. Parthenon Plumbing Heating & Cooling handles all types of plumbing systems every day and has been the Nashville’s plumbing expert since 2008. With a skilled team of plumbers, we comprehend the critical role plumbing plays for homeowners and is committed to delivering expert service and improving the functionality of every Mount Juliet home.

The Parthenon Promise

Respectful Customer Service

Discover Parthenon’s dedication to customer service, defined by courtesy, professionalism, and a sincere commitment to exceed expectations in every plumbing and HVAC solution we provide.

High-Caliber Expertise

Parthenon’s commitment to top-tier proficiency shines through our plumbers and technicians. Seasoned professionals ensure reliable service for your home’s plumbing and HVAC systems.

Exceptional Work

Experience Parthenon’s commitment to unrivaled work. Each project reflects our dedication to precision and craftsmanship, ensuring results we proudly stand behind with confidence and integrity.

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Providing plumbing services to 12 South since 2008.

Frequently Asked Questions

First, disconnect power to the disposal. Then check for and remove any obstructions. If the problem persists, if applicable, use the reset button on the disposal. If it still doesn’t work, consult Parthenon to get your disposal up and running.

A great tip is to shut off the main water supply as you leave your home. If it’s the wintertime, consider insulating exposed pipes. If you’re really concerned about major issues, you could even drain your water heater to prevent issues while away.

While a single leaky faucet may seem minor, it can waste a significant amount of water over time. Fixing it promptly is both environmentally responsible and cost-effective.

Sudden temperature changes in the shower could be due to a malfunctioning shower valve, issues with the water heater, or a problem with the plumbing system. Consult Parthenon for a thorough inspection.

We were very pleased with the professionalism and courtesy of the booking staff as well as the plumbing tech that was sent to us. He showed up on time and worked very efficiently. He was particular to leave no mess behind and was very friendly. We will definitely use Parthenon Plumbing for all our future needs.
– Kevin C.

We had a hose on our water heater start spraying water everywhere! They got here very fast, fixed the problem very fast and even vacuumed up the water. The fellow who came was very nice and professional…

– Sylvia G.

It was a wonderful experience. The plumber was knowledgeable, professional, and efficient. I would not hesitate to recommend Parthenon to anyone in the future.

– Victoria L.

The Parthenon staff and plumbers were excellent and easily accessible for a possible emergency. We will call them again for our plumbing needs.

– Suzan M.

Parthenon and Eli were great! Cleared a tough clog in an upstairs bathtub and left everything looking better that he found it!

– Carrie T.

Good job, unstopping a sink on an old house! thanks.

– Sarah R.

The Importance of Proactive Plumbing Care

Proactive plumbing care is paramount for any homeowner in 12 South. Our expert plumbers recommend annual check-ups, a preventive measure to identify and address potential issues early on. Beyond routine inspections, our skilled team of plumbers emphasizes tasks like the annual water heater flush, promoting optimal performance and longevity. By investing in preventive measures, Mount Juliet homeowners not only help guard against sudden breakdowns but also enjoy the peace of mind of a well-maintained plumbing system.

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Ready for 12 South’s top-tier plumbing services? Look no further than Parthenon Plumbing Heating & Cooling, a family-owned business dedicated to excellence since 2008. Schedule online or call 615-298-2995 to receive assistance from one of our skilled plumbers.

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Partner with Parthenon Plumbing Heating & Cooling’s home service experts to receive top priority and discounted pricing on your plumbing and HVAC needs. Enjoy 20% off repairs and 10% off installs, even if it’s your first-time using us! Home plumbing can create situations that need immediate attention and as a Parthenon Partner, YOU get priority. And the program also extends to heating and cooling to include annual spring and fall HVAC tune-ups (a $200 value). Trusting your plumbing and HVAC systems has never been easier or this affordable.

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Ready for 12 South’s top-tier plumbing services? Look no further than Parthenon Plumbing Heating & Cooling, a family-owned business dedicated to excellence since 2008. Schedule online or call 615-298-2995 to receive assistance from one of our skilled plumbers.

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